We're the #1 car and driver concierge service in California! We'll pick you up, give you test tips, and let you use our cars to maximize your chances of passing!

What you should know: In California, you need a licensed California driver and fully-registered and insured car with you to take your road test. Rental cars won't cut it. That's where we come in!


"Thanks YoGov, and I would recommend to everyone who's from out of state/overseas and needing to get a license, way cheaper and hassle-free compared to organizing everything yourself or getting a friend to take time off work (and making sure all car functions are working)!!" --Kenneth L.

"Here is where YoGov saved me. I contacted them on a weekend since I had a behind the wheel test on Monday. They were super responsive and were able to get me a local driver + car for Monday. They even suggested a few options for the car model so I will be fully comfortable." --Yaron N.

"YoGov has been a lifesaver -- helped me get my license less than two weeks after arriving to the US!...I literally have no clue how I would have managed to get my license so quickly if it wasn't for YoGov. Thank you Zavier and the YoGov team!" --Albert C.

"Shoutout to Ryder at YoGov for being Patient with me and showing me tips and tricks before my test I was hella nervous but he kept me calm and kept telling me id pass which helped a lot! Oh and for anyone wondering yes I passed my test!!" --Kaine A.


"Thank you Leo for giving me the tips and advice in order to enable me to pass the driving test with confidence" - Hector in Daly City

"Thanks, super good experience! I passed due to Corey's help before the test" - Stefan in San Francisco

"It was a pleasure meeting Keith. Gave very good hints regarding the exam and was nice chatting with him" - Davide in San Mateo

"Steve was awesome! Very attentive and he gave great advice. Would not have passed without him." -David in Culver City

"Great driver, instructor, and conversation! Highly recommend!" - Miguel in Redwood City

"She had some great last minute tips to ensure I could pass the test and was fun to talk to while we waited for the test to begin" - Shweta in Culver City

"Keith was the most awesome teacher I've met. He was patient with me and taught me everything with clarity. Thanks a ton!" -Akash in Redwood City

"Thank you Andy, you were very supportive and helpful!" - Bill in San Francisco

"Zavier was very patient. His recommendations helped our daughter remember key points and kept her calm and focused to pass her test. Highly recommended!" - Jaylysa in Capitola

"She went above and beyond in every way possible." - Vinay in San Jose

"Very helpful, would recommend him to anyone!" -Charity in Santa Monica

"He was very knowledgeable and super friendly and always spot on highlighting my mistakes, and gave me really good tips that really helped me pass my driving test" -Jawwad in Daly City

"Ryder was awesome. He provided top notch service to make sure my third time scheduled was a success - and it was!" -Arun in San Mateo

"I would rate Leo higher than 5 starts if I could - He knew the drive test inside out, arrived early, and gave me tons of helpful tips before the test that helped me pass!" - Justin in San Mateo

"Absolute legend! He was amazing, highly, highly recommended" - Hernan in Daly City

"Went above and beyond anything I could've asked for. I appreciate his help more than words could paint." - Jeff in Seaside

"He's an amazing teacher who leaves out no details and makes sure the student learns not only for the test but also for real life driving." -Deniz in Rancho Cucamonga

"Leo was super friendly and I had a great time during a rather stressful moment! Thank you so much Leo and YoGov, everything was perfect!" -Pauline in San Francisco


YoGov Concierge - Pick Up

We Pick You Up

Wherever you are, our driver will come by to pick you up before your test

YoGov Concierge - Driving Practice

We Give You Our Car

You'll use our car for your road test under our insurance and registration

YoGov Concierge - Road Test Tips

We Give You Tips

We give you practice time, tips, and an overview of the road test

We'll pick you up an hour before your test to give time for you to practice. If you need more practice time, we can also arrange that as well!

YoGov Concierge - Where We HelpWHERE WE HELP

Everywhere in California!


Over 80% of our clients pass their road test on the first try

Over 95% of our clients pass on their second try

60% of our clients get extra driving practice with us

We've booked over 40,000 DMV appointments in California



Driving Schools: $325

YoGov Driver Concierge Promotion: $159*

*includes pickup, dropoff, warm-up time, DMV tips, test routes, registration, insurance, car, expert driver, and more. We can also book your application, permit and road test appointments.



Spots are very limited. We guarantee all bookings or your money back.

We've helped over
people get DMV apppointments
We've helped over
people with their road tests

Disclaimer: YoGovernment Inc (dba YoGov) is privately owned and is NOT owned or operated by any government agencies.