We're a mission-driven company based in California that has helped hundreds of thousands of people with government services. We've started by assisting people with DMV processes and services and are expanding our offerings quickly. We're currently available in 40+ cities in 8+ states.

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Founder Ryder Pearce spent nearly three months in 2016 interacting with the California DMV to solve a problem that should have taken him minutes. Multiple office visits, phone calls, web research, and forms, instead of bringing clarity, confused him even more.

Meanwhile, Ryder found himself waiting in lines hearing similar stories: People in need of a license renewal unable to do this online; people who lost their ID and in need of it for a court date; people not sure why they were there but they came just to be able to talk to a human and attempt to get answers.

Ryder designed YoGov, a mission-driven company, to dramatically increase and improve access to government services. From solving the DMV to improving the process of passports, visas, and trusted traveler programs, down to paying for city parking tickets and business licenses, YoGov's mission is to be your new relationship with government services.



Founder and CEO

Ryder founded YoGov in 2016 on a mission to help everyone have simple and secure access to government services. Prior to YoGov, Ryder co-founded SherpaShare, the #1 support platform for independent workers. SherpaShare has been featured in numerous publications including the Sunday New York Times as well as Fast Company. Before that Ryder founded a rideshare company in Vancouver, BC and has worked directly to improve government services in New York, Beijing, Tbilisi, and Ahmedabad.

Disclaimer: YoGovernment Inc (dba YoGov) is privately owned and is NOT owned or operated by any government agencies.